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I'm Here for You and I Care

Having experienced facial and excess body hair myself, your concerns about your unwanted hair will be heard by an experienced professional.  

A consultation will give you a full understanding of the procedure with the treatment to follow.  You will walk away with a boost to your self-confidence and feeling your best. 

My clients are always right!

Once my clients experience the Quick, Easy and virtually Painless treatments of Laser, there are two statements that I hear frequently; 

I wish I would have started sooner and 

That it was the best money ever spent!

With my REDUCING PRICE-LINE for Laser Hair Removal Treatments the end cost is cheaper than waxing...really!!!

Specialists Who Care

I believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and unique. I also understand that most people have insecurities that can hold them back throughout their life. My purpose is to enhance your natural beauty and to give you the confidence that you need and deserve. You can trust that I will never try to up-sell you or try to pressure you into buying services you don't need.

SLEEK APPEARANCE Laser hair Removal & Skin rejuvenation

Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

To ensure expertise in what we do we have chosen to ONLY offer TWO services.  

Laser Hair Removal

Skin Rejuvenation including Acne Treatments

Six Location to Serve You

Offering you a Big City Service locally without having to travel.  

We are located in the following locations:

Estevan, Weyburn, Moosomin, Carlyle, Oxbow and Carlyle

Professionally Trained

Established in 2010, your professionally trained Laser Specialist has honed her skills with years of experience and satisfied customers.


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Gift Certificates

What a fabulous gift to receive.

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Best Time to Laser

The best time to do any Laser Treatments is in the Fall and Winter months after your tan has faded.  You will be ready to face your winter holiday or the following summer with very little hair maintenance.


Laser Hair Removal

Now men and women alike are making unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past.  No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors!  We deliver 21st century technology for treatments of this distressing problem.  Cleared for permanent hair reduction the ProWave Laser Hair Removal System can treat a wide range of skin types and tones safely and effectively.


Skin Rejuvenation

The LimeLight Skin Rejuvenation system delivers an non-invasive light treatment that can be customized for different skin tones and aging skin conditions.  The result is an exceptionally effective skin rejuvenation treatment with minimal discomfort.  Tiny Veins, Skin Redness, Brown Spots, Sun Damage and ACNE can all be treated with our LimeLight System.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

You may experience a sensation much like an elastic snap, pin prick and/or some heat.  

How often will I need treatments?

Depending on the area being treated will depend on the frequency of your visits.

Facial Laser Hair Removal treatments would be conducted every 4-6 week.

Underarm and Bikini Laser Hair Removal treatments would be conducted every 6-8 weeks.

Leg, Chests and Back Laser Hair Removal Treatments would be conducted every 8-10 weeks.

Skin Rejuvenation treatments can be conducted every two weeks if needed. 

How do I prepare for Laser Hair Removal

To prepare for Laser Hair Removal you must stop tweezing or waxing the area 3-4 week prior to the treatment.  However, the hair needs to be short so therefore you are allowed to shave any unsightly/unwanted hair right up until 1-2 days before the appointment.

What are your hours and how often are you in each location?

Although my visits to each one of my locations are limited in a month, that is ok as once you are my client you only need to see me every 6-8 weeks.  

My hours of operation are stated as 11:00-7:00 but are flexible and are service orientated therefore you will often find me working before or after hours as needed.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments vary from individual to individual but the average number of treatments per area would be 8-12.

How does your reducing price-line work for the Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The Reducing Price-Line works as follows and is based on one treatment area

1st, 2nd & 3rd treatment = Base Price (each treatment)

4th, 5th & 6th treatment = 1/2 Price (each treatment)

7+ treatments = 1/4 of the Base Price

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